student at Mater Academy showing her Mindful mind.

Bailey, a student in Ms. Tolosa's kindergarten class at Mater Academy in Miami, demonstrates her Mindfulness practice.

Mater Academy  principal Ileana Melian with U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan

Mater Academy  principal Ileana Melian with U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan

Last week on Monday, April 23, 2018, U.S. Congressman Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) visited Mater Academy International, an inner-city school in Miami that has successfully implemented Mindfulness-Based Programs designed for educators and students of all ages.

During his visit, the Congressman spent time in Ms. Tolosa's Kindergarten class where students, like Bailey in the photo at right, demonstrated a mindfulness exercise.

A few years ago, Florida Charter School Alliance spoke with principal Ileana Melian about the school's Mindfulness program. Click here to listen to that interview with Ms. Melian (pictured with Congressman Ryan).

Today, Mater International uses Inner Explorer, an in-classroom audio-series, to help teachers and students practice mindfulness each day. Congressman Ryan was in Miami to raise awareness about violence and how to develop safe schools and mental health.


– by Ileana Melian, principal, Mater Academy