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Mindfulness Goes Mainstream: Explore the transformative power of mindfulness meditation—now embraced by millions of ordinary people—through expert opinions and interviews including UMass Center for Mindfulness' Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, Aetna Insurance CEO Mark Bertollini, clothing designer Eileen Fisher and singer Jewel. Note: This video is a short promo for a $20 DVD that supports PBS. see more on

NYT Well - Mindfulness for Children

Jon Kabat-Zinn: Present to Life, Moment by Moment

'On Being' host and producer Krista Tippett interviewed Mindfulness expert Jon Kabat-Zinn. Listen now or read the transcript of the May 2016 podcast. (By Krista Tippett on May 9, 2016)

Jeffrey Brown reporting for PBS NewsHour 2014

PBS NEWSHOUR: Low-income Students Combat Stress with Mindfulness

At Cesar Chavez Academy in East Palo Alto, Calif., 7th graders are learning yoga as a way to cope with the stress of life in a community rife with homelessness, shootings and gang war trauma. By teaching these children to pay close attention to their breathing and movements, Stanford University researchers are hoping they will focus better in school and beyond. Jeffrey Brown reports.  Video:
(Jeffrey Brown on PBS NewsHour, 03/03/2014)  


Mindful Principles of .b Under Study at Oxford:

Research entitled MYRIAD (Mindfulness and Resilience in Adolescence) compares good quality social & emotional learning to .b ("Stop and be!") an engaging program based on MBSR & MBCT which includes striking visuals, videos, activities and classical mindfulness practices. Study with 6,000 participants is underway at Oxford with funding from the Wellcome Trust. Outcomes substantiate the importance of .b for Teens currently being taught by Miami Mindfulness in collaboration with Coral Gables Congregational Church. – Valerie York-Zimmerman
(October 20, 2017)  

Inner Athlete

The Mindful Athlete by George Mumford

For those of us who work with kids who may be struggling or having difficulty with their performance in school, sports, or life, I thought I would highlight my friend, mindfulness teacher George Mumford and his book!  George Mumford has taught mindfulness to some of the greatest athletes in the world. Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant...
(October 15, 2017)  

Inner Landscape image from On Being site

The Inner Landscape of Beauty

On Being podcast episode with guest John O'Donohue, On Being by Krista Tippett.
(August 31, 2017)  

moyers-zinn screen shot

Bill Moyers 1993 with Jon Kabat Zinn on the MBSR program

Bill Moyers interviews Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction founder Jon Kabat-Zinn and visits an 8-week class session in Denver. Special note from Valerie York-Zimmerman - I came across this episode when it first aired on PBS and it led me to explore Jon Kabat-Zinn's center at UMass.
(Broadcast date 1993)  

An evening with Jon Kabat-Zinn (2013)

Jon Kabat Zinn talks about the life-changing benefits of mindfulness at an Action for Happiness event in London. (Original event 28 March 2013 via  

The Science of Mindfulness (2011)

Professor Mark Williams examines the neuroscience of mindfulness in the second of four short videos .... (Original on Youtube, Dec 21, 2011.)  

Jon Kabat-Zinn: What is Mindfulness? (2010)

Jon Kabat-Zinn discusses what mindfulness and meditation are really about: presence of heart. This was part of a talk put on by UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center.
(Original on YouTube Apr 14, 2010.)  

Jon Kabat-Zinn: What is Mindfulness? (2007)

Jon Kabat-Zinn leads a session on Mindfulness at Google.
(Original on YouTube Nov 12, 2007.)  

Congressman Tim Ryan at 'A Mindful Miami' (2013)

U.S. Congressman Tim Ryan talks about implementing mindfulness in education, health care, public policy, veterns affairs and global economics at "A Mindful Miami," sponsored by Mindful Kids Miami
(Original event February 9, 2013.)  

Selected Excerpts from the Mindfulness in Education section of the A Mindful Miami Conference, sponsored and produced by Mindful Kids Miami, on October 18, 2014.

Mindfulness practices for high school students preparing for finals, and "What is Mindfulness?"

Mindful Kids Miami leading children in mindfulness practices.